A little more about Michal our Head Chef

We thought we would tell you a little bit more about how Michal, our Head Chef spends his time when he is not busily preparing our delicious meals.
What do you do in your spare time Michal?
I like to keep active and fit, usually my day ends up at the gym - where I can get all the stress out :-) 
One of my hobbies is also mountain biking, whenever I can I love to ride off outside of London, especially off road biking.  
In general I like to spend my free time surrounded by nature, lakes, mountains, it is very mind clearing and reduces stress.
Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday and what’s your fave food to eat when on holiday?
I absolutely love going on holiday, especially to the sea side in the Mediterranean.
In terms of food my fave would definitely be sea food, you can’t go to the Mediterranean with out at least trying the sea food while your there.
Favourite food is always a difficult question for me as a chef as I have many, but I just enjoy trying all the local produce, even the simplest things like tomatoes, different kind of fruits etc which just seem to taste so much better than the product we can buy in the supermarkets in the UK. 
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