Working from home has been a monumental shift for many of us in recent months; a key feature of the so-called ‘new normal’. This change has come with challenges, but has also presented many opportunities. The most significant being the chance to spend more time with loved ones and less time travelling to and from work. Other opportunities are more nuanced, however, and vary from person-to-person. For some people, the lack of office distractions has led to an increase in the productivity and efficiency of their working hours. Whilst others have found themselves craving the routine afforded to them by the office environment. So, what role can dieting play in this equation?


The common denominator in all effective systems of working and eating, is structure. For many of us, the daily structure offered by an effective diet might just be the missing element in our current home-working arrangement. Our new eating regime can act as the blueprint upon which to structure our working day, helping us to shape and hone our schedule, and turning meal times into target points for delivering tasks. These windows of time can become our measuring system for output. Benchmarks and micro-targets against which we can challenge ourselves to achieve more in less time. Like replying to a few more emails before that mid-morning snack!


The right diet is the one that’s not only good for us, but makes us feel good too; lifting our spirits and stimulating our brains. This enables us to take on work activities in a more energised, positive, and, ultimately, productive state. Eating fresh, nutrient-dense foods is particularly enriching for the mind, as the body is receiving more fuel from a comparatively smaller quantity of food. The resulting benefit is that we spend less of our energy digesting and are left feeling lighter, sharper, and more focussed on the task at hand. This can make all the difference when the tasks are piling up! Moreover, the general practice of condensing all of our food needs into one meal, in the middle of the day, isn’t the best idea for everyone. That’s why the smaller, incremental consumption that comprises most diets can be the perfect antidote to the post-lunch slump that many of us endure on a daily basis.


Diets can help us work from home. But, working from home can also help us diet. Working from home offers an opportunity to truly implement and fulfil a diet in a way that our typical routine of working in an office might complicate. The home is a controlled environment. One that we can tailor to our own personal needs. We can surround ourselves with the fresh foods that comprise our new eating regime, no need to prepare, package, and transport our meals; everyday. And no need to spend excess money on takeaways or, at best, food from over-priced mini-branches of supermarket chains near work (you know the ones!). This way we can stock our fridge with food from a more reasonably priced local grocer or wholesaler, facilitating a more sustainable lifestyle and creating conditions that motivate us and reinforce our desire and decision to live healthier.


It is worth noting here that it’s not just dieting that can offer us this structure and positive energy when working from home. Other health regimes and lifestyle changes can be of great benefit at this time; and just as effective. Intermittent fasting is one option, for instance, for those who wish to concentrate their eating and digestion to certain hours. Or maybe a new exercise routine, for those who crave physical boosts and intervals of activity throughout the day. The point is that a holistic approach often bears more fruit than a disjointed one, and that positive lifestyle choices and routines tend to feed into each other, creating a positive loop of reinforcement that propels us forward.


We all seek the fulfilment and sense of purpose that comes with maximising our time spent on the things that matter to us most. Ultimately, the chance to manage our work environment and career lifestyle is an opportunity to make our lives work for us; and not the other way round. The only question is how best to utilise this opportunity. For many people, the right diet might just offer the structure needed to get the most out of each day; both work and pleasure. For others, the routine change might be a physical one. Some may even seek intellectual discipline at this time, like an hour of reading every morning before work; maybe a book, maybe a newspaper. In the end, reaching our creative potential and being with loved ones are two life aspirations that a majority of us hold. A third is maintaining optimal health. Working from home offers the perfect opportunity to attain and master all three of these elements.



At Love Yourself we aim to promote healthy lifestyles regardless of your working environment; working from home or an office, our diets provide structure to your eating habits




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