Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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We often get asked this question, naturally most of us want to maximise our output while minimizing our input to get the best results. It's all about working smarted, not harder, and thats what our friends at Auro help you do. They've got hundreds of easy to follow, audio workouts that are curated just for you. 

Here's 3 tips from our friends at Auro to maximise weight loss, without exercise

It is possible to shed off unwanted fats without exercise. So, if you are someone who finds it hard to stick to an exercise plan, then these may be the options for you.

1. Create a calorie deficit through dieting

Did you know that you can burn calories by simply standing and talking? However, when you consume more calories than you burn, the leftover calories will turn into fat. You therefore need to reduce your calorie intake through dieting, for your body to shed the caloric surplus. When you create a calorie deficit, your body will use the stored fat for energy so that even if you don’t do any exercise or change your normal routine, you can still lose weight!

2. Don’t follow fad diets

The problem with these diets is that they often cause increased cravings and nutrient deficiencies. They often will give you a list of things you are not supposed to eat and force you to suppress your cravings. So while a fad diet may work at the beginning, it will not be effective in the long run. Stay clear!

3. Make eating healthy a habit

The safest way to lose weight is to take a slow and healthy road. You have to start changing your eating habits by picking the right foods. Experts say that nutritious, high-fiber foods can help keep you satiated and full. Studies also show that fiber can speed up metabolism and support weight loss.

But after reducing your calories and losing some weight, you may notice that you still haven’t achieved your body goals. Your arms may still be flabby and your skin may start sagging. If you want to tone your muscles and tighten your midsection, you have to get your body working.

It’s understandable to dread exercise, especially if you have not been active for a long while. That’s why you need fitness experts to guide you on your journey.

There are many fitness apps that you can easily download from the internet. And some of the most effective outdoor fitness apps today are those that provide audio workouts. Your audio coaches will help you create training plans and workout routines that you will learn to love to do regularly. No need to be stuck looking at the screen! These audio coaches can guide you while you are jogging, running, or strength training wherever you are.


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