Clear your mind

With the stress of our day-to-day routine having drastically changed, it's important to keep a clear mind and maintain a positive outlook. Here are a few tips to keep you positive, clear-headed and happy in such uncertain times.

Eat healthy
First and foremost, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. When one starts slipping normally the other follows. Eat a healthy diet to boost your mentality, and keep those neurons firing the right way by feeding them the right nutrients.

Turn off your phone
This is probably numero uno, step away from the screen! With everything going on we are constantly flooded with negative media from the news and social networks, added to that is the new system of working from home; your phone has become a constant cause of stress. So, turn it off or leave it somewhere to detox for a few minutes every day.

Learn a craft
Take the spare time you may find you have an abundance off and learn a new skill or craft. Take up knitting, practice sketching, invent a new game with your kids, there’s really no limit here.

Read a book
This I think goes hand in hand with taking some time away for your screen. Many of us understand the therapy and stress relief a book can provide, an escape from a stressful reality may be what you need to keep your mind at peace.

Listen to music
Music has a great effect on the way we feel. Classical music is especially good at calming nerves and easing stress. We’re not saying crank up the Vivaldi, listen to your favorite genre/artist and let loose for a while.

Have a snack
Take some time and enjoy a guilty pleasure. We would, however, recommend you limit the snacking as we’re all experiencing less active lives at the moment. We recommend 5 healthy portioned meals a day, which includes two snacks. Try to limit the number of sweets and chocolates to reduce sugar highs.

Limit your work hours
Working from home has bought new challenges for many. For those not used to it, separating work and home-life may be extra challenging, especially of the lounge has been converted to the new office. This doesn’t have to be difficult, just limit work to a schedule during the day, with enough breaks to let your mind relax every now and then. Pack it up in the evenings, that way you aren’t tempted to just check something and get stuck working extra hours.

These are trialing times for all of us, everyone has better and worse days and sometimes we just need a reminder to stay positive. Misery loves company, its important to take a break and reflect to make sure you don’t get stuck or pulled under by the flood of information coming through daily. So keep your head up, we’re all in this together.
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