There is no place like home, especially during the holidays. From the Christmas lights that light up the city to spending Christmas morning with your family, this time of the year is filled with tradition. The coronavirus has completely changed our lives this year and we understand how important it can be to hold onto to these Christmas traditions. This is why Love Yourself has come up with some festive and fun Christmas ideas so you can get into the Christmas spirit whilst being safe! 

Boris Johnson has announced tier 4 restrictions in London, the south-east and east of England. Residents will be told to stay at home and non-essential retail shops will be closed. The Christmas bubble that was previously announced where 3 families would be able to mix is now void. You will not be able to mix with other households indoors. 

Get Your Backyard Christmas Ready 

Make your backyard really cosy, warm and inviting. Put up a tent, throw in lots of blankets and pillows, hang some fairy lights and maybe even light some candles. Set up a firepit where your friends and family can gather around and catch up on the long year that we have all had. If you have children in your family, toasting marshmallows around the fire could be a fun activity to keep them occupied. Serve some hot chocolates and baked goods to get that warm Christmas feeling! 

The Great British Bake-Off with a Twist 

Christmas time means lots of delicious and scrumptious food. If you can’t go a year without your aunt’s famous apple pie or Christmas pudding this is the perfect solution for you! Host a family bake-off drop off. This is where each household prepares a sweet treat and drops them off to your friends and families homes just in time for Christmas. This way you can pop by to see your loved ones whilst being socially distanced. Alternatively, you could host a zoom call where each household decorates cookies in their own homes. You can even get competitive and rate each treat to see who has the best baking skills!

Game Night 

Organise a game night via zoom. Every household can prepare a short game to contribute to the night. For example, kahoot is a great app for creating quizzes and can be accessed on your phone using a link. The quiz can be about general trivia or a personalised quiz specifically made with your friends and family in mind. You could do a treasure hunt where you present a riddle that leads to an object that everyone has in their homes and the first person to bring it back wins the round. For example, what is black and white and read all over. The answer is a newspaper. You can get really creative with the treasure hunt! 

Movie Marathon 

Nothing says Christmas like gathering around the living room in your pyjamas with popcorn and hot chocolate to watch your favourite Christmas movies. With Netflix Party or Disney’s Group Watch feature you can now watch movies with your friends and family remotely. This feature synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat so you can discuss the movie. If you are debating what to watch my personal favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone. This movie is a real crowd pleaser and the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. 

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By Pooja Depala 

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