Immune-boosting foods that’ll help fight off the Coronavirus and more

Do you feel like you’ve read your fair share about “What not to do” and “What to avoid” during the coronavirus outbreak? Take a break from all the fear-inducing noise. Sit back, and dig into what we hope will be a more positive & insightful take on how to eat and stay healthy from now on.

What we don’t have is a recipe for quick-fix, miracle overnight immune boost, made with an abundance of garlic (sorry!). What we do have is info on what immune-boosting foods to include in your diet, ways to enjoy said foods and the detailed benefits of each. Whilst these are tips on what to eat to stay or get healthy during the pandemic, we provide them as additional measures, to be taken alongside those provided by the World Health Organisation.

As we covered in our previous post, what you eat has a significant effect on your immune system. And when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, our immune systems are truly the foundations of that maintenance. 

Some of us will regularly monitor our immune systems due to age, health deficiencies and seasonal illnesses. But since it tends to quietly work in the background, providing it with the important nutrients it requires to keep us healthy, can sometimes fall to the wayside. This results in us only investing in constant & consistent maintenance when something goes wrong. 

If you’re the type to do the latter, don’t worry - we’re not here to shame you. Life has a way of distracting us until we have no choice but to focus on looking after ourselves. Plus, with a wide range of diets available to us, defining what’s best for us can sometimes appear daunting. As it happens, eating in favour of boosting your immune system is incredibly easy. It’s also very likely that you’ll already have some of these foods in your kitchen & within your existing diet.


So, since there’s no better time than now to get a handle on your health, here’s what we highly suggest you eating or having more of.

Organic fruit & vegetables

This may seem like a pretty obvious one, but it’s important to know exactly which fruits & veg your immune system will thrive off. It’s even more important to consider opting for organic produce when doing your shopping. 

Organic food is a lot better for you, as it generally contains fewer pesticides and no preservatives, which means it’s fresher and more natural. As for which fruit and veg you should be picking up; citrus fruits, kiwi, papaya, spinach, broccoli and red bell peppers are must-haves. All of these are rich in vitamin C and are supercharged with minerals, plus many other antioxidants. For the vegetables, it’s best to cook these as little as possible, so that they retain their nutrients. 


Foods with live/active cultures

Instead of starting your day with cereal or a just piece of fruit, why not treat yourself to a granola or oat parfait? All you need is a couple of tablespoons of your favourite oats or granola, two tablespoons of some natural or dairy-free yoghurt and a handful of the fruits we mentioned above (chopped, of course). It takes little to no time to make and the yoghurt will help your immune system fight against bad gut bacteria. Be sure to check the label on the yoghurt you pick up for mention of live or active cultures. This is crucial to ensure it contains everything needed to help regulate your immune system.



Spices aren’t just great for adding much-needed flavour to some of our favourite foods. Spices like cinnamon & turmeric taste delicious in a wide range of hot drinks and meals, whilst also reducing bacteria’s ability to multiply and regulate your immune system. Since it’s still cold, you can enjoy either of these in a hot chocolate or a chai. You can also enjoy both at once, in a yummy and wholesome soup, stew or curry.

Seeds & nuts

Vitamin E often gets overlooked. However, vitamin E plays a big part in maintaining your health. Nuts & seeds, such as almonds & pumpkin seeds, are packed with vitamin E and just a half-cup serving of either, will help regulate the functioning of your immune system.

At Love Yourself, we’re dedicated not just living a healthy lifestyle, but also enjoying a healthy lifestyle. All of our meals are packed with the nutrients, vitamins and flavours your body needs to stay healthy and your mind needs to be happy. With not a lot left on the shelves, consider giving us try. Read more about how we can help during Covid-19 here.
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