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A growing concern over the past 15 years has been global warming; learning to love the earth we have because it’s the only one we got. We are more aware of the effect we have on nature and the change that is occurring due to this, and many of us are seeking change. Unfortunately, like trying to lose that stubborn belly fat, there is no quick fix. It’s a long road, and we’re only at the proverbial start line.

The UK has set a target: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, by the year 2050. By moving to more energy efficient and renewable sources the UK hopes to be less reliant on imported fossil fuels and create a low carbon economy. It is the governments job to set the infrastructure and methods in place to help us achieve this target, but we all need to play our part.


Here are a few tips that households can do to ease the pressure of the carbon cloud that looms over all of us.



  1. Go online, Go paperless – No doubt many of you would have seen this option in email footers, on bank statements and invoices. By switching from printed forms to online forms not only do you save a huge amount on printing and paper, you also reduce carbon emissions from deliveries and reduce paper production.


  1. Work from home – Now some of you may be veterans of the work from home lifestyle, and others are still getting the hang of this with the new precautions taken. This itself has forced many of the die-hard pen & paper fans to switch to online platforms, making remote working more mobile and versatile. By optimising your work from home schemes, you save a huge amount on unnecessary travel expenses, reducing your carbon footprint, and make your team more effective at communicating.


  1. Say no to one-time-use plastics – probably the simplest way of contributing to the 2050 target. By reducing your use of one-time plastics, you reduce the demand, which in turn reduces the production, and at the end of the line there is less plastic going to our landfills. Remembering to take your own shopping bag, or reusing a previous bag; using paper straws and bamboo cutlery at take-outs. As the world becomes more aware of the global problem, more creative solutions and products are popping up. We need to embrace these new solutions and support businesses with these eco initiatives in place.


  1. Take showers instead of baths – We all enjoy a good soak every now and again; relaxing in a warm tub is a great way to alleviate a day’s stress. Did you know the average bath uses around 80L of water as opposed to a shower’s average 35L of water? Changing from bathing to showering, or reducing bathing from a daily to a weekly occurrence reduces the energy needed to heat the water and the amount of water used. Turning pennies saved to pounds at the end of the year. Try the 4-minute shower challenge to improve your shower efficiency or make it a game between your Kids.



  1. Be conscious of your diet, and your waste – Reducing your meat consumption has its benefits for the environment but is not the be all and end all answer. The big issue here is being aware of the waste you produce. Many unhealthy food products come in plastics and non-recyclable containers, eating healthy produce and balanced meals can reduce the amount of plastics going to the bin and common kitchen waste. Composting is a great way to reduce your waste going to landfills, you can enhance this by starting your own worm farm to help compost waste faster, and in turn create healthier additions to your flower beds and gardens.


You don’t need to drastically change your diet to be an eco-warrior, you just need to be aware of what you eat and the effects of the waste it produces. Meat eaters shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a good ribeye or bacon with their eggs but should be aware enough of the production of these products to know not to overindulge.


  1. Switch off – Make a habit of switching appliances and lights off when leaving rooms. Make it a game or a challenge with roommates, partners or your kids. Fine anyone who is caught leaving lights on when leaving a room, you’d be surprised how quickly a £1 fine can add up in a week.



These are simple suggestions, not drastic changes, that everyone can implement in their daily lives and households to reduce their own carbon footprints and ultimately contribute to achieving our 2050 goal.


Let’s put in a little more effort each day to loving the environment.


Love Yourself is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and constantly looking for ways to improve and show the environment a little more love. For any questions about our environmental policies or suggestions, email us at Hello@loveyourself.co.uk or chat with us online

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