After a challenging year, I think everyone will agree when I say we want to step into 2021 with nothing but positivity and focus on becoming the best version of ourselves. On average, it takes 66 days to form a habit. So, if you start to work on yourself from January 1st 2021 by 8th March you would have formed a habit that will stick! How long do you actively pursue your new year’s resolutions? A couple of days, a few weeks or even a few months probably. This year we want you to overcome having temporary resolutions and make them last all year round and here is how!

Reflection – figure out what went well and what could have been better this year. Think short term as well as long term. If you start down by jotting down what your long-term goals are which might be quite vague, this will help figure out what things you can do in the short term to make a small step towards a bigger goal. For example, you might want to take the next step in your career and get a promotion. This is a long-term goal. Now, begin to think about smaller steps you can actively do to achieve this. Short-term goals to achieve these might be to further your education and specialize in a specific area. This can be done by studying further or reading 10 pages of a book that help you learn more about this specialism. 

Consistency – make your task a daily activity. Monitor your progress by recording when you have completed the task each day. Even if it is just putting a tick on your calendar each day. This can be quite satisfying and motivate you as each tick will act as a positive reinforcement. The more ticks you see, the closer you are to achieving your goals!

Learn your excuses – let me guess, you can’t exercise because you don’t have time or you are too tired after work. It is important to learn the excuses you make and put a stop to them. One way to do this is by stopping the negative thoughts in their tracks by saying but. For example, I can’t exercise after work because I am too tired BUT maybe I can fit in workouts in my lunchtime or even before work.

Replacements are key – don’t throw yourself in the deep-end and find a replacement for what you might be giving up. For instance, if you are trying to reduce your screen time find an activity you will do with your new found free time. Pick up a book, get creative and find a new hobby. Plan ahead of time so you won’t feel lost when you find yourself reaching for your phone.

It is never too late – stop waiting for the perfect time to achieve your goal and never think it is too late. There is always time. No matter how old you are or if you think you didn’t utilize this year in lockdown, the time is now! I promise you lots of small steps do add up even if it takes you a minute to realise all the positive changes that have snuck into your life. I hope this article has motivated you to take a step in the right direction and has got you excited for a year of amazing changes!

By Pooja Depala



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