Being in lockdown can make us quite lazy and we can find ourselves looking towards our phones to take-away delivery services to provide our meals. But this is the time to say NO to take-away. And here is why!

It could be argued that the government does not see your health as a priority. Boris Johnson may stand on the podium week in week out and say ‘Protect the NHS and Save Lives’ but his main priority is to protect the UK economy. The ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme encouraged people to step out of their homes for meals and visit restaurants with a 50% discount. According to the University of Warwick, there was a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases the week after this scheme began. Did the government not consider this to be a possibility?

Furthermore, this second lockdown has forced gyms and fitness centres to close. Interestingly enough, gyms and fitness centres were one of the last businesses to reopen at the end of the first lockdown. Should health and fitness not be a priority whilst we are in a pandemic? At a time like this we should be doing everything in their power to stay healthy, exercise and boost our immune systems.

Ordering a take-away might be a simple and convenient solution but it is definitely not the healthiest. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t order take-away this weekend:

  • Weight Gain – don’t underestimate the number of calories you consume and calories add up at the end of the day.
  • This extra weight could put pressure on your heart and lungs which you may notice in the form of shortness of breath when you are climbing the stairs or doing physical activities.
  • People who eat fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression than people who don’t.
  • Carb—rich foods can lead to blood sugar spikes which can trigger acne.
  • It is harder for your body to digest as fast foods are loaded with carbohydrates with little to no fiber.

This is where Love Yourself steps in to rescue you from the dangers of take-away. At Love Yourself, we provide freshly prepared meals that are bursting with flavour. We deliver straight to your door every evening so think of us a healthy take away! Our Head Chef, Michal Snela who has worked with Marcus Wareing at a Michelin Restaurant and uses his flavour and culinary expertise to work on our meals. Here are 5 reasons you should order Love Yourself:

  • Effective weight management
  • Improved hair, skin and nails. 
  • Includes all essential nutrients.
  • Slow release carbohydrates that keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Fresh ingredients – zero preservatives or additives

Our dietary food contains no processed meats, no additives or preservatives and has been worked on by leading London dietitians to provide various diet options. Try out one of our meals to get all the nutrients you need to be your happiest and healthiest self!

By Pooja Depala

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