Summer Bodies Are Built In the Winter

Let me let you in on a little secret. Summer bodies are built in the winter and healthy bodies are made through consistency. Yes, that means work hard every day (of course allow yourself some lazy days and even a few glasses of wine here and there).

Now that it’s February, I’ve given my top 3 tips to achieving a sustainable summer body.

  1. While it’s cold outside, hit the gym and do weight training. Pick up those weights and start lifting heavy. Weight training not only burns calories really efficiently, but it also sculpts your body and prepares your body for the activities you love to do in summer like cycling, hiking, surfing, and sports.
  2. Try intermittent fasting. This is a 100% sure way to lose weight and maintain a great relationship with food. It doesn’t mean you need to cut your calories; it just reduces the window of eating time. As a general rule, I would recommend less than 10 hours of eating ( 8 hours is optimal), that means the timer starts from the very first minute you put a calorie in your mouth to the last time you put a calorie in your body. Think logically, we were not built to be constantly eating from the first moment we get up in the morning to the moment we go to bed. That would be around 16 hours and it takes time to digest when we sleep as well. Breakfast actually means “to break the fast” and as such I would recommend having breakfast after 10am to allow your body time to burn the reserves of fuel and to allow your body organs to have a break from processing food constantly.
  3. Eat a well-balanced and tasty diet as your lifestyle choice and avoid the yo-yo effect. The problem with all these lose weight quick diet programmes is that your body will crave those chemicals that your brain releases which it has become accustomed to after so many years of eating and acting the same way. Research has proven, the way forward, is to change your habits over a course of time and have a sustainable diet that is enjoyable. Before you know it, your brain will create different pathways that promote healthy food to your brain and body and result in a lifestyle change. This is where Love Yourself diet can be very handy especially in the initial months of pre-programming your brain.

Summer Bodies are made in the winter, put the work in now.


Written by 

Wojtek Kolan 


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