Get to know our Head Chef - Michal Snela

Love Yourself chef – Michal Snela – Interview Questions

What is your age? Where do you live?

I am age 30 and I live in Ealing Broadway; I am originally from Poland (I have been living here for 11 years).

What is your previous career path/experience?

I moved here when I was 19. I worked in a really busy pub to begin with in West Sussex where I got involved in the cooking and they sent me to college to do an NVQ in Food Tech.

I am lucky enough to have worked with some inspirational chefs, including Marcus Wareing, an ex chef and judge on Masterchef. With much fine dining experience I have worked my way up the ladder.

What are the main influences in your style of cuisine? Where does your passion come from?

The influence is from places that I have trained where I have had inspiration combined with good hands-on experience.

How was your experience working for Marcus Wareing as a chef de partie, ex chef and judge on Masterchef?

It was great. I was mentored how to follow the seasons when cooking and to see the philosophy behind that.

Less is more sometimes…. Like a simple piece of grilled fish.

How did it come to be that you are the main chef for Love Yourself?

Friendship with a team of people who are passionate about what they do and share the same philosophy as me. We have identified a gap in the market.

I know you pride yourself on using fresh and healthy ingredients. Where does that influence come from?

That is from hands-on experience, learning to use the best quality ingredients and realise that “less is more.”

It is all about the quality of the product.

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?

All types of fish.

I know you like cooking with ingredients from around the world… is this based on your travels or visiting certain countries?

I have picked up tips from travelling around France, Spain and Asia. I have seen alternative techniques and views even though I have been trained in a classic French way.

What would you eat as your last supper?

Good quality rib-eye steak.

Who is your favourite celebrity Chef?

Tom Kerridge.

What ideas do you have in development for future contents of Love Yourself brand?

We have lots of concepts to develop. We want to follow the seasonal approach and continue to vary the menu.

We are also planning to offer more vegan and gluten free options, and eventually meal boxes for kids.

Do you enjoy cooking for friends and family?

Yes, I do! I love to bake my own bread.

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