Staying in shape

Here are a few tips on staying fit and healthy without gym equipment or leaving the house.

As we roll into the third week of being confined to our homes, we want to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need and keeping your body healthy, let's not forget summer is still creeping up on us. 

But I can't exercise??
A simple rule to remember when getting in shape is "80% input, 20% output". What this means is that most of the work lies in what we put in our body; our diet; and the more you put in your body the more you have to work to burn these calories. Simplified this basically means getting in shape is 80% based on eating right and 20% exercising right. 

So what... I exercise
While many of us are now working from home, less active and not getting out as much; that 80% rule becomes more important. It is a simple way of taking control of your bodies and kicking you body into shape. Did you know a keto diet boosts your body's ability to burn fat more effectively?  Or eating more frequently and reducing portion sizes can help speed up your metabolism, meaning you naturally burn more calories without having to exercise.

So I can just eat and still lose weight???
Yes and No, by only adjusting your diet you can lose weight, but you are not optimising your body's daily calorie burn by increasing your output. By adding exercise to your daily routine you increase the calories you burn and in turn increase your ability to lose weight.

Simple exercises like Squats, push-ups, sit-ups can be done without equipment at home, some of you may have a pull-up bar which is a great addition to the home workout. There are many varieties of home workouts, the most effective for fat burning at home is H.I.I.T training. High Intensity Interval Training can be easily adapted to be done at home and burn extra calories to achieve that summer bod while at home. 

If you'd like to get help with home workouts we have a variety of Trainers we can put you in touch with for online classes or personalised home workouts.

Otherwise, make sure you're optimising your 80% with one of our diets to get you on track for summer.

Balanced Diet
- All essential nutrients to improve health and weight loss
- Boost immune system
Ketogenic Diet
- Increased weight loss and metabolic burn
- Attributed to increased physical and mental energy levels

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