The Importance of Eating Fresh and Clean Food for Diabetics

Everyone needs a well-balanced diet to live a healthy life. For people with diabetes, eating fresh and clean food goes a long way in helping them cope with the disease. A good diabetes diet helps maintain your blood sugar levels while reducing the risks for health conditions such as heart diseases and cancer.

Why the right diet helps your health?

For a diabetic, eating the right diet is key to safeguarding their general health. By eating a well-balanced diet, they are able to:

  • Reduce cases of inflammation
  • Maintain good cholesterol levels while keeping in check the bad cholesterol
  • Get antioxidants to help the immune system

A balanced diet acts as a source for carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins which has been proven to help metabolic syndrome which is a common problem for diabetics. Metabolic syndrome can be best described as a set of conditions which cause a diabetic to exhibit elevated blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.




A Diabetes Diet to Lower Cancer Risk

According to a number of endocrinologists, having diabetes increases the risk of all types of cancer. This hypothesis isn’t proven and a direct link hasn’t been formed. Medical practitioners believe that the basis of this can be attributed to obesity, insulin resistance and an exposure to toxins.

A report by the Japanese Cancer Association found that there is a remote connection between type-2 diabetes and increased cancer risk. The report noted that this condition increases the risk of suffering from conditions such as liver, pancreatic and stomach cancers. The report pointed to lifestyle conditions such as obesity as possible triggers for such diseases. This paper didn't establish a direct connection between diabetes and cancer. It does, however, mention that there is a possibility that insulin encourages tumor growth.

When a diabetic eats fresh and clean foods they help themselves ward off various cancers.

Contents of a healthy diabetes diet

At Love Yourself, we believe that it is easy to create a delicious and healthy meal for diabetics. By using our services we’ll ensure that your meal meets the standards of a good healthy meal. We’ll make sure that your meal contains:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Unsaturated fats in moderate amounts

We’ll make sure that your meal has a limited amount of unhealthy saturated fats and salt.

Benefits of sticking to a diabetes diet.

The following is a detailed breakdown of how different elements and food groups help a diabetic cope with the condition.


Fiber is important for healthy bowel movements. It also helps ward off heart conditions and manages blood sugar levels. It also slows down the rate of digestion and stays in the stomach longer.

Fresh produce:

Fruits and vegetables act as sources of a number of vitamins and minerals. Fresh produce is also a good source of fiber. For a diabetic, fruits and vegetables help them maintain a healthy level of weight as they are low in calories.

Lean proteins:

These proteins help the body maintain healthy weight levels and reduce the risk of heart conditions as well as an important nutrient for muscle growth and repair.

Love Yourself makes sure that your meal is fresh and has no additives or preservatives and uses slow release carbs to maintain your blood sugar levels. Our delivery service is efficient and will deliver your ready made healthy meal to your doorstep.
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