Is it just me or does working from home somehow feel like we are working longer hours? 

This has meant that I often struggle to find time to cook meals and have time to myself. The temptation to order food right to my door simply cannot be resisted and as a result I find myself huffing and puffing even when I walk up the stairs. This was the final straw before I decided to find a way where I would be able to eat healthily whilst working from home. 

Meal prepping describes the different approaches to preparing food in advance of eating it. One approach is cooking all your meals in a batch at the start of the week and freezing them. This way you can just heat up your meal and continue with your day without the hassle of cooking. If you prefer freshly cooked food, then you can try chopping up your ingredients ahead of time so when it comes to actually cooking you are good to go. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t so comfortable in the kitchen, Love Yourself provides a meal prep service. Freshly prepared food will be delivered to your door daily so you can save time and avoid the kitchen altogether! 

It is important to figure out which meal prep technique suits your lifestyle. If you are looking to save time in the mornings than making breakfast ahead of time would be a great solution. Or if you have limited time in the evenings batch-cooking your dinners would be the right method for you. Getting the hang of meal prep can be quite tricky but be sure to experiment with the different methods till you find the right approach for you. 

How To Meal Prep 

Buy Containers – glass containers are your friend. They can be easily heated up in the microwave so you won’t have to move the food around too much. Avoid using reusable plastic containers as heating these up can leach compounds into your food and mess with your hormones. 

Pick Out Your Meals – choose what meals you want to prepare and what days of the week you will be eating them. This way when you go grocery shopping you will know exactly what you need to buy. Try to have a variety of recipes in your meal prep schedule that you are familiar with to make your transition into meal prepping as smooth as possible.  

Schedule Meal Prep Time – set aside some time at the start or end of the week to prep your meals. Personally, I think the best day for meal prep is a Sunday! This makes me excited for all the meals in the week ahead. 

Reheating Your Meals – always refrigerate fresh foods and meals within two hours of cooking. The more times you reheat and cool foods, the higher the chance of getting food poisoning so keep this to a minimum. Use labels on your containers so you can consume foods within a food-safe period.  

If you don’t like eating the same foods everyday, then meal prep isn’t for you! Love Yourself have a variety of diets to choose from and a new menu every single day so you will never get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. Check out our diet menu’s here

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