The success of Przemek

Przemek is young, or Przemo to his friends. He felt he needed to do something about his weight. He found the Love Yourself Diet and has since lost 17kg in just 6 months of dieting and he is a great example of the health benefits of Love Yourself Diet. 
1. What is your name? Przemek
2. How old are you? 28 years old
3. Height: 183 cm 
4. How much did you weigh at the start of 2018? 97.5kg
5. What do you weigh now? 80.5kg
6. How long have you been on Love Yourself diet? I have been on a 2500 Balanced Diet since April 2018
7. What is your favourite dish at Love Yourself? Thai green curry with cod
8. How often to do you work out or train? 5 days a week
9. What is your favourite training exercise? Chest Training
10. How many calories box do you do you eat now? 2500 calories
11. What is your weight and physical body goal? My target is 75kg
12. What is your favourite part about Love Yourself?  I think my favourite part of Love Yourself is the freshness of the ingredients and large variety of meals. Everyday there is something fresh and new that I haven’t eaten before. Even though I am on a diet, it does not feel like a diet. The food is really amazing and it feels like you have our own personal chef cooking for you. I look forward to each day knowing the food is going to be interesting and tasty. Thank you so much.
13. Do you mind to share your Facebook page as an inspiration to others? I would be happy to share my journey with Love Yourself and share it with the other people. 
You can contact me on Instagram or on Facebook 
Before and After Przemek - Keto Diet
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