Boris Johnson has introduced a new three tier system in order to simplify the rules. There are three local alert levels - medium, high and very high. Restrictions get more severe as you move up the system. Different parts of the country are experiencing different rates of COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, the government believes it would be more practical to take a local lockdown approach rather than a nationwide lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the system saying the approach aimed to “seize this moment now to avoid the misery of a national lockdown”. 

London will be moving into tier 2 (high) of the lockdown system from Saturday 17th October. Here are the restrictions you need to follow to be safe:

  • Mixing of households or anyone outside your support bubble indoors will not be allowed, at home or in public places.
  • The “Rule of Six” will still apply outdoors and in private gardens.
  • Organised indoor sport and exercise classes can continue to take place, provided the “Rule of Six” is followed.
  • Schools, universities and places of worship remain open.
  • People should try to reduce the number of journeys they make where possible. Try to walk or cycle if you need to travel and plan ahead so you can avoid busy times and routes on public transport. Avoid travel into areas with a ‘very high’ local alert.
  • Up to 15 guests for weddings and up to 30 guests for funerals.
  • Restaurants and pubs still open with some restrictions including: 10pm closing time and table service only. 

What are the key differences between each of the tiers?

Areas in medium alert (tier 1) follow the “rule of six” if meeting indoors or outdoors and pubs and restaurants close at 10pm.

Restrictions in areas in very high alert (tier 3); no households mixing indoors or outdoors in hospitality venues or private gardens, rule of six applies in outdoor public places like parks, pubs and bars not serving meals will be closed and guidance on travelling in and out of areas.

Along with following these restrictions please don’t forget to wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing.

By Pooja Depala 

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