Water - The diets secret weapon


How much water are you drinking daily?

There are many different opinions as to the exact amount you should have, the reality is it depends entirely on YOU, many factors (internal and external) affect your daily requirement.

Most health authorities, including the NHS, recommend following the 8x8 rule, this means drinking eight glasses of water that are 8 ounces each, which is roughly 2 litres a day. How do you measure up?

Hydration plays an important role in maintaining a fit, healthy body. It goes hand in hand with dieting as it affects our energy levels, brain function, and digestion. It is your secret weapon when it comes to dieting, helping to increase your metabolism and reducing your appetite. Increasing your water intake can help prevent several health problems like constipation, kidney stones and acne.

When are the best times to drink water?

  • When you’re thirsty – This may seem obvious, but what we mean is to drink water instead of sugar-rich juice, sodas, beer and wine.
  • During exercise – Make sure you stay hydrated to improve endurance
  • When you wake up – This activates your metabolism at the start of the day
  • When you feel hungry – Drink a glass of water and wait, this will often help subside hunger between meals
  • With each meal – This helps with digestion
  • Feeling tired? – This is a sign of mild dehydration and your body telling you t drink more water
  • Before bed – some of us suffer from mild dehydration when we sleep, this prevents getting up in the night and will help you get up in the morning (you’ll need the bathroom)

A combination of healthy eating and adequate hydration is the key to feeling great and have many health benefits. A properly balanced diet will include fruit and veg, these contain significant amounts of water; supplementing this with a glass of water is always a good option.

The great thing is it contains zero calories, so you can drink as much as you want.


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