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Veto Diet - Love Yourself
Veto Diet - Love Yourself
Veto Diet - Love Yourself
Veto Diet - Love Yourself
Veto Diet - Love Yourself
Veto Diet - Love Yourself
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Love Yourself

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Get a free pack of Ketone Test strips with your first order

The Veto Diet is now available exclusively from Love Yourself and is great way to kick your body into its fat-burning mode and to manage your weight. Based on a combination of Keto and Vegetarian, it has been exclusively formulated by our in house nutritionist to bring you nutritious meals with less than 20g of carbohydrates per day (based on 1700kcal option). 

The menu has been curated by our award winning, Chef Director, Michal Snela with different menus published weekly.

What is it?

The simplest definition of the Veto Diet is: a diet high in fat and very low in carbohydrates.
Typically Keto dieters have been very reliant on animal proteins fats. With our Veto diet, we have turned this around and rely on plant based proteins as the main element of this diet. The only animal proteins we use are from eggs and dairy (no meat of any kind is included in this diet).

Fortunately, you won't be eating sticks of butter and dozens of eggs everyday. We have included plenty of healthy plant-based food products as well as MCT oil. These foods will help you meet your fat, vitamin, mineral, and fibre needs simultaneously, making them a vegetarian keto dieters best friend. 

Important to mention, that it takes 3-4 days for your body to go into Ketosis before it starts burning fat as its main energy source and we recommend not to eat anything outside our meals until you are very familiar with carbs.

To help you monitor your bodies state of Ketosis, we include a free pack of Ketone urine test strips with your first delivery. Simply follow the instructions on the pack and get your results  in under a minute!

[Available from 10 Oct 2020; It can take up to 7 days for your body to enter Ketosis depending on many factors]


Benefits of Veto Diet?

  • Efficient fat burn & increased metabolism
  • Attributed to increased physical and mental energy levels
  • Weight loss
  • Shown to treat and reduce inflammation as well as some health conditions such as epilepsy and arthritis. 
  • Reducing carbon footprint 
  • Improved appetite control
  • Better cognitive function

Love Yourself provides an easy meal prep delivery service to your home or office. We prepare the meals fresh each day and deliver to your home or place of work daily with 1700Kcal and 2500kcal with 4 meals served each day.

An overview of the Veto Diet

  • Limited carbohydrate intake of 20g, or less, per day (based on 1700kcal)
  • Almost all animal protein are eliminated with the exception of eggs and cheese,
  • Plant-based proteins (such as nuts, tofu, tempeh) and dairy are used to help meet your protein and natural fat needs
  • Added MCT oil to enhance the ketogenic effect
  • Made up of around 68% fats, 25% Protein, 7% Carbs

 Please see next week's menu available to order below: 

(Menu may change slightly due to fresh ingredient availability)


Menu for 23rd Nov to 27th Nov 2020


Breakfast – Chai-spiced nuts with yoghurt
Snack – Choc nut bites
Lunch – Spinach & tomato with a veto pita
Dinner – Mushroom soup



Breakfast – Lemon & blueberry muffins
Snack – Crackers with a cream cheese dip
Lunch – Cauliflower tabbouleh
Dinner – Courgette and mushroom frittata



Breakfast – Cinnamon and pecan porridge
Snack – Roasted tomato & red pepper soup
Lunch – Alfredo sauce with courgettes
Dinner – Fried kale & halloumi



Breakfast – Coconut sponge with almond cream
Snack – Spinach and cheese omelette
Lunch – Veto dumpling with butter & sage sauce
Dinner – Greek salad



Breakfast – Halloumi with cauli-hashbrowns
Snack – Chocolate mousse
Lunch – Three-cheese melanzane parmigiana
Dinner – Eggs and avocado



*The menu for Saturday is the same as Friday's menu.

Allergy warning
Please see individual labelling for allergen warnings. All food may contain traces of nuts and other allergens.  This diet cannot be made nut free.


Delivery details and FAQ

Our calorie controlled diet is delivered to homes throughout greater London.

Our diet meals are delivered in the evenings between 5:30 -10 pm and we cannot give a fixed time. Our delivery drivers will call you before the first delivery.

AM deliveries are only available to commercial properties and must have at least 3 persons at a single address. Please contact hello@loveyourself.co.uk to arrange morning delivery.

Each meal day is freshly cooked, chilled, and delivered in the evening, ready for consumption the following day.

First delivery is Sunday evening for Monday menu and then every evening until Thursday

Please note menu days may change due to fresh ingredient availability.

Each meal is scan-able via MyFitnessPal to give you accurate macro nutrients.

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