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Love Yourself is on a quest to change the eating habits of the UK nation by making healthy food as accessible as possible. Offering subscription-based fresh diet meals, directly delivered to the door of the customer, our service and brand has seen a massive organic following since our inception in March 2018.

In the past 12 months the revenue has been £464,850 
The Executive Chef Director is a Michelin-trained professional 
Excellent feedback from customers on TrustPilot 
Love Yourself won the Best Food Award in 2018 Quality Food Awards
Currently breaking even on production costs with great scope for scale 

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Download our Pitch Deck

A Pitch Deck is short business plan and presents a snap shot of the investment opportunity. Covers where we are now, where we are going and how are going to get there, as well as the future exit opportunities of the business.

Download our 5 Year Financial Forecast

A 5 Year Financial Forecast shows how the company expects to trade over the coming years, showing detailed income as well as expenses to calculate an expected EBITA with profit and loss.

Download Trademark Certificates

The Trademark Certificate is issued from the UK Intellectual Property Office and protects the future of our brand in multiple categories. We have been awarded classes 5, 29, 30, 32, 35, 39 covering a wide range of product classes now and for the future.

Management Accounts

Management accounts are confidential and show the internal running and calculations of a business. It shows income, and breakdown of expenses on a monthly level. .Please email separately if you would like this as it is highly confidential.

Download HMRC SEIS Assurance 

EIS and SEIS Advance Assurance enables companies to receive a provisional indication from HMRC whether they may be eligible to apply for tax relief for their investors. Advance Assurance was introduced by HMRC as full SEIS/EIS eligibility can only be granted by them after the investment has been made.

Download SEIS Illustration Example

With Advance Assurance in place, the benefits of SEIS and EIS are very generous. This document shows an illustration of your investment amount and what you are eligible to get back from HMRC and what the total risk of your investment is. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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