Our Head Chef - Michal Snela

Welcome to Love Yourself

"A healthy diet is key to living a happy life so it's important to eat only the very best ingredients. We're inspired by locally sourced, seasonal produce as well as different flavours from around the world, to bring exciting and nutritional meals to your table."


We want to give our customers the opportunity to have delicious, healthy meals at their fingertips, every day

The idea behind Love Yourself began after Head Chef Michal finished cookery school, and started working with some of the world’s most dedicated and passionate chefs. Their belief that you show love through really great, healthy, lovingly-prepared meals encouraged Michal to experiment with new flavours and recipes.

Following years in the restaurant industry, Michal decided that those with busy personal and work lives, who don’t always have the time to spend in the kitchen, also deserved to enjoy healthy, lovingly-prepared meals every day. Eating well is so important and at Love Yourself we have this at the foundation of everything we do.

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