POst Codes and Delivery times

Love Yourself delivers to the below areas of Greater London and beyond with its own network of dedicated drivers.

Important Update

 If your postcode or map area is not shown, please send us a email to hello@loveyourself.co.uk and we can look at your case on an individual basis and offer a courier service anywhere in the UK with next day delivery. 

Delivery times are as follow

Residential orders are delivered every day between Sunday-Thursday between 7-10 pm

Office and commercial building are delivered daily Monday - Friday between the hours of 7-10 am (minimum requirement 3 boxes to a single address)

If you have any queries about this - please send en email hello@loveyourself.co.uk

If you have any special delivery requests, please put into the notes section when making an order and we will respond.

Postcode areas of Greater London where Love Yourself delivers

Delivery drivers are always polite and enjoy a chat if you want.

Mariusz G

Greenford - London

Delivery is daily in the evening for me and the drivers are nice. They follow instructions. They are deliver generally the same time every day.

Elizabeth H


I always look forward to my box arriving. It's like the mystery box. We have the same driver every day and he is a good guy. I love the service x 

Nancy Green

Croydon - London

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