Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet
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Wonder why the Balanced Diet is our best selling diet? It is simple. It is based on a healthy and recommended amount of fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Our Balanced diet has no additives, preservatives or processed meat.

This has earned us outstanding reviews and we have won the Best Subscription Box at the Quality Food Awards. At Love Yourself, we are dedicated to ensuring your meals are healthy and nutrient filled.

Our Head Chef, Michal Snela, who worked his career in Michelin Restaurant alongside Marcus Wareing uses his flavor and culinary expertise to work on our meals. Our Balanced diet will help improve your general well being, improve your skin, hair and nails, and help balance your insulin levels.

What do you gain when you eat our Balance Diet?

  • Effective weight management
  • Zero preservatives or additives. 100% natural ingredients
  • Improved hair, skin and nails. 
  • Includes all essential nutrients.
  • Slow release carbohydrates that keeps you fuller for longer.

Our calorie controlled diet is prepared using fresh ingredients and is aimed at helping you achieve your weight loss goals. How many calories do you need daily?  Click here to find out more or use the chat feature to chat to a live consultant.

Why choose us?

  • We cook fresh each day with fresh ingredients. No additives or processed foods
  • We have numerous calorie options.
  • We deliver daily  - 5 meals in the box, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks
  • A real gourmet chef and nutritionist has prepared your balanced diet
  • Every meal is scannable via MyFitness app to help you keep track of calories and macro-nutrients 

Let us help you feed your body with healthy and nutritious meals that will invigorate your body and help you stay healthy.

Each week we provide an exciting combination of innovative dishes with your health in mind and the menu is constantly changing. See below next weeks menu.

free range eggs diet

Menu for 24th June to 29th June 2019


Breakfast - Overnight porridge with cinnamon, apple, blueberries and chia seeds
Morning snack - Butternut squash and fennel soup
Lunch - Broccoli, peas and mint risotto with grilled chicken breast
Afternoon snack - Banana bread with vanilla yoghurt
Dinner - Greek style salad with feta, olives, cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds



Breakfast - Ricotta and courgette pancake with smoked salmon salad
Morning snack - Celeriac and toasted coconut soup
Lunch - Italian style beef meatballs cooked in tomatoes sauce with polenta and parmesan
Afternoon snack - Chia and mango pudding
Dinner - Roasted vegetables salad with chia, ricotta and coriander dressing



Breakfast - Coconut yoghurt pancakes with summer fruit berries
Morning snack - Sweet potatoes hummus
Lunch - Thai, green chicken curry with brown rice and almonds
Afternoon snack - Cloves spiced apple and millet cake
Dinner - Soft ricotta, watercress and toasted walnuts



Breakfast - Mushroom and nut pate with rocket salad
Morning snack - Potatoes and spinach soup with toasted walnuts
Lunch - Lean pieces of lamb cooked in aromatic sauce with butternut squash and peppers
Afternoon snack - Dark chocolate and black beans cake with forest berries cream
Dinner - Tuna salad with sweetcorn, black bean, pomegranate, soya and lime dressing


Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with homemade country style bread

Morning snack - Cooked root vegetables salad
Lunch - Lightly spiced fish cake with aromatic lentils sauce salad
Afternoon snack - Peanut butter and banana smoothie
Dinner - Grilled courgette, sun dried tomato & spinach with toasted seeds & ricotta



The menu for Saturday is the same as for Friday.


Allergy warning
Please see individual labelling for allergen warnings. All food may contain traces of nuts and other allergens. 


Delivery details and FAQ

Diet is delivered to homes throughout greater London.

Our diet meals are delivered in the evenings between 7-10pm and we cannot give a fixed time. Our delivery drivers will call you before the first delivery.

AM deliveries are only available to commercial properties and must have at least 3 persons at a single address. Please contact hello@loveyourself.co.uk to arrange morning delivery.

Each meal day is freshly cooked and delivered daily.

First delivery is Sunday evening for Monday menu and then every evening until Thursday. If you order Saturday, you will receive two boxes on Thursday.

If you are lactose intolerant or have any requests please specify in your "order notes" when placing order and we will do our best to accommodate by offering substitute dish from our Vegetarian or Vegan menus.

Please note menu days may change due to fresh ingredient availability.

Each meal is scan-able via MyFitnessPal to give you accurate macro nutrients.

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