Beetroot, Goats' Cheese, and Egg Muffin

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Beetroot has an earthy, sweet flavour and vibrant magenta colour which lends itself to so many savoury – and even sweet – dishes. It is amazing what you can make with a few simple ingredients and the all-important eggs. 

The beetroot, and of course the goats cheese, makes these muffins wonderfully moist and they also benefit from the vegetable’s vibrant ruby colour. The secret to our successful light muffins is to...well, we can't tell you that otherwise it wouldn't be a secret.


- Eggs 
- Garlic 
- Red onions
- Beetroot
- Goats cheese
- Dijon mustard 
- Soft cheese
- Fresh parsley 
- Salt 
- Black pepper 
- Thyme


Eggs, Milk, Mustard

Serving Suggestion:

Enjoy as I - straight from the packaging into your mouth!

Macronutrient Information: 


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