Chili Con Carne with Brown Rice and Sour Cream

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Anyone can create an original pot of chilli with the right blueprint, yet that first delicious spoonful only cracks the surface of Chilli con carne. Dig in and you’ll find a culinary rabbit hole of fiery flavors, ingredients, techniques and history. 

This all time favourite can still be enjoyed on a calorie controlled diet. This hearty, all-time classic chilli con carne is hard to beat – delicious!


- Brown rice
- Coconut oil
- Beef
- Tomato 
- 70% Dark chocolate
- Agave syrup
- Onions
- Mixed beans
- Garlic
- Coffee
- Oregano
- Thyme
- Cinnamon
- Cumin
- Chili flakes
- Paprika



Serving Suggestion:

Remove the sleeve and warm up for 2 mins in the microwave until your desired temperature. We like ours hot, but not too hot. If you know what we mean?

Macro-nutrient information:



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