Office Lunch Diet

Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
Office Lunch Diet
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Introducing the Love Yourself Diet Lunch Box.  With a choice of 1000 Kcal or 700Kcal  that will keep you going throughout your working day.

Delivered every morning (Monday to Friday) to your office. All meals freshly prepared & cooked each day and delivered to you within a few hours. Minimum order is 3 per persons per office.

Based on our best selling Balanced Diet,  Love Yourself never use any processed meats or additives within our meals, our dishes have been specially developed to give you the premium blend of nutrition which is low in calories ratio but high in protein and naturally occurring fats and amino's.

Every day is different with a wide choice of menu options, this ensures you get restaurant quality and flavour as well as being in full control of your diet goals.

Scan your daily lunches directly into MyFitnessPal, this can also be handily synced with all your smart health devices


Why 1000 calories and 700 Calories? 1000 calories during your office day will allow you to have breakfast and dinner at home and still stay below 2000 calories.

700 Calories is the approx amount to consume during the working day for those with a daily calorie goal of approx 1500 Kcal.

Check out our calorie counter for more information on your ideal calorie intake.

Is the price for 5 days of lunch boxes  ? Yes, the price is for 5 days worth of lunch boxes, delivered every morning to your office, Monday-Friday. Please note due to delivery costs every day, we require 3 people minimum per office address.

What's included in the bag? Each bag has a morning snack, a great quality nutritious lunch and an afternoon snack; all of which can be eaten cold or warmed in the microwave.

Discover more with our menu below.

Menu for 20th January to 24th January 2020



Morning snack - Carrot and coriander soup with raisins
Lunch - Cauliflower cheese, paprika spiced chicken
Afternoon snack - Dark chocolate and black beans cake with forest berries cream



Morning snack - Celeriac and chickpeas hummus with crispy bread
Lunch - Lamb shoulder with butternut squash and peppers
Afternoon snack - Chocolate energy cookies with prunes and cinnamon yoghurt



Morning snack - Broccoli and blue cheese soup with toasted walnuts
Lunch - Roasted turkey breast with mushrooms, tarragon and mixed grains risotto
Afternoon snack - Banana, forest berries, linseeds smoothie



Morning snack - Cottage cheese with spring herbs and radish
Lunch - South Asian chicken with rice noodles and satay sauce
Afternoon snack - Apple and banana slice



Morning snack - Roasted tomatoes and basil soup
Lunch - Baked salmon with broccoli pesto and sweet potato cakes
Afternoon snack - Beetroots and banana light mousse


The menu for Saturday is the same as for Friday.

Allergy warning
Please see individual labelling for allergen warnings. All food may contain traces of nuts and other allergens. 

Delivery details and FAQ

Our calorie controlled diet is delivered to offices throughout greater London.

AM deliveries are only available to commercial properties and must have at least 3 persons buying Love Yourself at a single address. Please contact hello@loveyourself.co.uk to arrange morning delivery.

Each meal day is freshly cooked and delivered daily.

First delivery is Monday morning and every day until Friday morning.

If you are lactose intolerant or have any requests please specify in your "order notes" when placing order and we will do our best to accommodate by offering substitute dish from our Vegetarian or Vegan menus.

Please note menu days may change due to fresh ingredient availability.

Each meal is scan-able via MyFitnessPal to give you accurate macro nutrients.

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