Egg Mayo Salad with Sourdough

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Now, you might be a bit confused as to why you're eating a salad for breakfast? Firstly, it's not really a salad. Egg mayo is a classic that most people enjoy. We feel it is a sandwich filler gets an undeservedly rough ride. We believe it could be one of the best. We thought this so much that we decided to turn it into a breakfast option. We take full credit for its deliciousness!

The egg salad contains: 

- Eggs 
- Watercress

The mayo contains:
- Egg
- Olive Oil
- Mustard
- Lemon Juice

Our Sourdough contains:
- Organic Strong Flour 
- Organic Whole Grain Flour
- Fresh Yeast
- Agave Syrup
- Salt

Allergens: Egg, Mustard, Gluten

Serving Suggestion: A versatile dish that can be enjoyed as is or heated up. Remember not to heat up the bread. We can promise you it's not a good idea. We would recommend either toasting or enjoying it as it is.

Macro-nutrient content:


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