Fig and Goats Cheese Quinoa Salad

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Hi, we can admit that we are self confessed fig addicts! We just cannot get enough of these pockets of sweetness. Their magical marbled middle leaves us often challenging innovative creations. One tasty marvel is this elegant and light salad with a scrumptious dressing.

This super simple and sophisticated dish is rather "la-de-da" and we hope it impresses you just as much as it has impressed us. 

This salad contains:

- Figs 
- Goats Cheese
- Quinoa
- Sunflower seeds
- Spinach 
- Cucumber 

The dressing contains: 

- Olive Oil
- Mustard 
- Agave Syrup 
- Lemon 
- Salt

Allergens: Milk, Mustard 

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy as is

Macro Content: 

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