Home-made Baked Beans with Turkey and Wholemeal Bread

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Love Yourself

Loaded with a smokey flavour and turkey, these are not your average baked beans. Our baked beans are much lower in salt and sugar than the commercial beans available, too. 

And the best part is that our bread will blow your socks right off! This is one breakfast you won't be able to resist. 


- Butter beans 
- Onions
- Garlic
- Tomatoes
- Turkey Breast
- Carrots
- Smoked paprika
- Oregano
- Thyme
- Fresh parsley
- Coconut oil
- Egg
- Chives
- Salt


- Egg
- Olive oil
- Mustard
- Lemon 
- Salt

Wholemeal Bread:

- White organic flour
- Brown organic flour
- Yeast
- Agave syrup
- Salt


Egg, Mustard, Gluten. 

Serving Suggestion:

In a microwave, warm up the baked beans for 1-2mins. Time is dependent on your microwave watts. 

We enjoy our bread as is, but feel free to toast it slightly. 

We recommend not to heat up the egg mixture. We can promise you that mayonnaise isn't quite as good, warm. 

Macro-nutrient information: 


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