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The Keto meal prep diet is all about eating more fats and proteins instead of carbs which induces a metabolic process called ketosis.  Ketosis by definition is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat rather than glucose from carbohydrates as its primary source of energy.

Our Keto diet is formulated with the help of a leading London nutritionist and the menu has been designed by our Head Gourmet Chef for optimal flavour and enjoyment. The end result is a very tasty and interesting Keto diet that ensures you are getting all the right blend and ratio of fats, carbs and protein.ts. We even use fermented ingredients on some days to ensure good gut health.

With a Keto diet, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

- Increased weight loss with a higher concentration of fat being burnt

- High in protein is ideal for body building diet and muscle gain

- Attributed to increased physical and mental energy levels

- Plenty of naturally occurring amino acids

Fat burning is one of the many positive benefits of ketosis that improves overall health and makes it an effective tool for significant weight loss. 

See more information here of results of a Keto Diet.

Watch the video about Body Building on Keto and why you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Keto diet is also very good for body builders and people looking to gain muscle mass. With around 150+grams of protein per day and plenty of naturally occurring amino acids, the Keto diet is ideal for those looking to pack muscle and definition.

Love Yourself provides an easy and affordable meal prep delivery service to your home or office. We prepare the meals fresh each day and deliver to your home or place of work daily with a choice of either 1700Kcal or 3400Kcal with 4 meals served each day.

Please see next weeks menu available to order below.



Breakfast - Keto brad roll with cinnamon full fat soft cheese
Snack- Mozzarella and strawberries salad
Lunch - Stuffed pork shoulder with bacon and camembert
Dinner - Spinach omelette with walnut salad


Breakfast - Smoked mackerel pate with cauliflower keto roll
Snack - Coconut pudding
Lunch - Grilled chicken breast with courgettes in creamy sauce
Dinner - Cherry tomoatoes and avocado bake



Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with bacon
Snack - Vanilla cheesecake
Lunch - Grilled pieces of turkey with light vegetable stew
Dinner - Marinated salmon in spices with baked potatoes chips


Breakfast - Pancakes with homemade keto “Nutella”
Snack - Smoked salmon tartare
Lunch - Mushroom, cheddar and baked chicken breast
Dinner - Avocado and bacon frittata


Breakfast - Spinach omelette
Snack - Forest berries pudding
Lunch - Grilled beef steak, green beans and mushroom sauce
Dinner - Mackerel in curry sauce


Typical Macro-nutritional information based on 3200 and 1700 Kcal Options

3200/1700 Kcal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Protein (g) 163/85 159/84 182/96 176/93 179/95
Fat (g) 240/127 242/128 235/124 237/125 134/71
Carbs (g) 80/42 84/44 100/53 82/43 82/43


* Menu may change on the day due to fresh ingredient availability

Delivery details and FAQ

Delivered to homes throughout greater London.

Price includes 5 day plan and food is cooked and delivered daily.

First delivery is Sunday evening for Monday menu and then every evening until Thursday.

Keto meals cannot be substituted in any way due to the dietary nature of this product.

Each meal is scan-able via MyFitnessPal to give you accurate macronutrients.

Allergy warning
Please see individual labelling for allergen warnings. All food may contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

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