Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin

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It is rumoured that there are over 900,000 poppy seeds contained in a pound of poppy seeds. We've never actually counted them, nor are we likely to, so we'll just have to take the rumour monger's word for it. 

Theres something about this particular flavoured muffin that reminds us of our childhood. They're bright and seem to bring about cheerful nostalgia. They're the perfect addition to your afternoon tea. 

This snack contains: 
- Ground Flaxseed
- Almond Flour
- Egg
- Lemon 
- Vanilla Extract
- Xylitol
- Poppy Seeds

Allergens: Nuts, Egg

Serving Suggestion: Best eaten in small bites. You won't want this muffin to end.

Macronutrient content: 


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