Oat and Buckwheat cake with Fig Yoghurt

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This cake is incredibly light, yet has a certain nuttiness which comes from both the buckwheat flour and coconut flakes. We have served it with a fig yoghurt, but can be enjoyed unadorned because it is perfection just the way it is. 

Before you turn your nose up to Maple syrup (we only use 100% maple syrup), we thought we would inform you of its nutritional information. Just 60ml (1/4 cup) serving of Maple Syrup contains 72% of the daily nutritional requirement of manganese, 27% of riboflavin, 17% of copper, and 6% of calcium.


Unsweetened almond milk(Tree nuts), Water (30.2%), Gluten free oats (15.1%), Buckwheat (7.6%), Eggs (7.6%), Coconut flakes (3%), Maple syrup (3%), Coconut oil (3%)

Fig Yoghurt:

Greek yogurt (12.3%) (Milk), Dried figs (6.2%) (Sulphites), Water

Allergens: Contains eggs, milk, nuts, sulphites

Serving Suggestion: On cold days, feel free to heat this delicious cake up in the microwave for 1-2mins. If warm cake isn't your thing, enjoy as is. We love dipping our cake in the flavoured yoghurt. 

 Macronutrient Information: 


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