Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice Noodles

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Love Yourself

Our version of this worldwide favourite is lightened up in comparison to your local Chinese takeaway. 

Restaurant versions, of this world famous dish, are often laden in sugar and fat. Our sweet and sour chicken uses only natural sugars present in pineapple and fresh orange juice, and little oil. Our chef-curated recipe never disappoints!


- Rice Noodles
- Chicken
- Sesame seeds
- Spring onions
- Coconut oil 
- Garlic
- Onions
- Bell peppers
- Pineapple 
- Chili flakes 
- Fresh orange juice
- Corn flour
- Rice vinegar
- Tomato paste
- Salt



Serving Suggestion: 

Warm this all time favourite for 2 mins, in the microwave, until heated through. 

Macro-nutrient information: 


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