Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
Vegan Diet - Love Yourself
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Love Yourself

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In this vegan meal diet plan, we included a variety of plant-based healthy foods and snacks to make sure you're getting the essential nutrients you need each day. Whether you're a full-time vegan or just looking for the health benefits that eating only plant-based products give.

Our head chef “Michal Snela”, has created an innovative and tantalizing Vegan menu for the week with plenty of fresh vegetables, healthy grains and plant-based dairy. Each week a new menu is released to keep meals interesting and to keep you on track with your dietary goals.

If you haven't already, make a change to the way you feel by going vegan today. 
Please note that all ingredients used are vegan varieties of the original name.



Breakfast - Green peas vegan egg frittata with pineapple salad
Morning snack - Carrot and coriander soup with raisins
Lunch - Cauliflower vegan cheese, paprika spiced seitan bake
Afternoon snack - Dark chocolate and black beans cake with forest berries cream
Dinner - Courgetti with soft vegan ricotta, fresh peas and mint



Breakfast - Baked apple and cacao oat cake with blueberry yoghurt
Morning snack - Celeriac and chickpeas hummus with crispy bread
Lunch - Seitan with butternut squash&peppers
Afternoon snack - Chocolate energy cookies with prunes and cinnamon vegan yoghurt
Dinner - Dried figs and vegan goat cheese with quinoa, spinach and toasted seeds salad



Breakfast - Banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and rice pudding with cashew nuts and mango
Morning snack - Broccoli and vegan cheese soup with toasted walnuts
Lunch - Roasted tofu with mushrooms, tarragon and mixed grains risotto
Afternoon snack - Banana, forest berries, linseeds smoothie
Dinner - Chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and mature vegan cheddar salad



Breakfast - Vegan egg spread with sourdough
Morning snack - Vegan cottage cheese with spring herbs and radish
Lunch - South Asian style tofu with rice noodles and satay sauce
Afternoon snack - Apple and banana slice
Dinner - Cauliflower "pizza" with smoked avocado dip



Breakfast - Millet flake, oat porridge with prunes, toasted sunflower and quinoa
Morning snack - Roasted tomatoes and basil soup
Lunch - Baked sweet potatoes cakes, broccoli pesto
Afternoon snack - Beetroots and banana light mousse
Dinner - Paprika smoked tofu with tabbuleh dressing



The menu for Saturday is the same as for Friday.


Allergy warning
Please see individual labelling for allergen warnings. All food may contain traces of nuts and other allergens. 

Delivery details and FAQ

Our calorie controlled diet is delivered to homes throughout greater London.

Our diet meals are delivered in the evenings between 7-10pm and we cannot give a fixed time. Our delivery drivers will call you before the first delivery.

AM deliveries are only available to commercial properties and must have at least 3 persons at a single address. Please contact hello@loveyourself.co.uk to arrange morning delivery.

Each meal day is freshly cooked and delivered daily.

First delivery is Sunday evening for Monday menu and then every evening until Thursday.

Please note menu days may change due to fresh ingredient availability.

Each meal is scan-able via MyFitnessPal to give you accurate macro nutrients.


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